Dior and Harrods collaborate for the Dior Limited Edition Cupcakes

Cupcakes have been more than a treat with us; they have been an expensive mix of elegance and exquisiteness. The Decadence D’Or Cupcakes, Rox and Cupcakes have been duly celebrated, not forgetting the creative sprees by Chanel and Louis Vuitton and of course, the Valentine special – the Red Velvet cupcake topped with a diamond ring. But it doesn’t end here. Recently unveiled is the Dior Limited Edition Cupcake, a joint collaboration by Dior and Harrods. (Seems like the two are getting along well!)

When French fashion collaborates with British high-standards and sensibilities, there’s bound to be magic, and that’s exactly what this square-boxed package of cupcakes holds. Four exquisite pieces of iced sponge treat containing wheat, gluten, egg, cow’s milk, and traces of nuts; the Dior Limited Edition Cupcake is a mouth-watering luxurious treat. Each cupcake is an iconic ode to the House of Dior, inclusive of the celebrated Muguet Dress and Lady Dior Handbag. These delectable treats are available in limited quantities for 20 GBP ($ 30); for those of you outside the UK, Harrods ships internationally too.

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[Available at Harrods]

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