Elon Musk to open a drive-in restaurant in LA

Gas stations usually have convenience stores for people to kill time in, but nothing so mediocre will do for Tesla drivers. Elon Musk is toying with the idea of a retro style drive-in restaurant to accompany his Supercharging Station in Los Angeles. It’s not really given that surprising given that car owners could spend anywhere between 15 minutes and a full hour at the station, so Musk’s strategy intelligently entertains them while encouraging them to spend on a meal.

Since Musk’s tweet explicitly mentions a “retro style” we have to wonder what’s in store for LA residents. Is this going to be a cutesy Mom-&-Pop diner that serves ice cream sodas and orange freezes or is Musk’s idea of retro a little more left-of-center? Either way, modern electric cars mixed with retro food seems like the best of both worlds. We’ll be waiting to see renderings of the restaurant, hopefully sooner rather than later!


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