Fancy dining with Santa and his reindeers up in the Brussels sky?

Dinner in the Sky has done it again! This time with a unique twist and right in time for Christmas. How would you like to dine with Santa aboard his sleigh up in the Brussels sky?

If you’re at the chic Sablon square shopping district you will see a bell-ringing Santa Claus welcoming people aboard the “restaurant” fitted out as a sleigh decked with lights and drawn through the air by four theater-prop reindeer. Hop onboard for €250 ($265) for a gastronomic four-course supper with wine, or if you rather have a “high tea,” options start at €55.

Now when you’re high in the air you know that this is going to be a personalized meal as it’s only you, your chef, and a few other guests. This means you get to savor every bit of the meal in a completely different way. What’s exciting is that you will be strapped to chairs to eat at a bar running around an open kitchen.

Michael Chiche, who helps run the Brussels-based Dinner in the Sky firm has brought the sky-dining experience to 58 countries.