Fine dining meals starting from a mere $2.20 to $73 – These are the 15 cheapest Michelin starred restaurants from across the world

In the world of fine dining, there’s an overwhelming sense that the best food is also the most expensive, however, Traveloka is here to make life easier (and more delicious!) for budget-constrained foodies. The travel booking site has put together a frankly much-needed list of the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurants. Most people may have thought that Michelin starred meals come at a bank account-busting price, but some of the restaurants on the list offer dishes for as little as $3.

Unsurprisingly, some of the top meals await you in Asia, with Japan notably landing two spots in the top 10. Singapore, Hong Kong, S Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand also made it to the top 10 alongside Spain and the US. The cheapest (number 1) location on the list is Singapore’s Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle where you can order dishes for just $2.20! Once a street stall, this restaurant now has a fast-food style serving window where lip smacking fare awaits. Check out the top 15 below:

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1 Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle, Singapore, $2.20
2 Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, $3.80
3 Hamo, South Korea, Seoul, $7.10
4 Chugokusai S.Sawada, Japan, Osaka, $9.70
5 Jay Fai, Thailand, Bangkok, $12.00
6 Ginza Ibuki, Japan, Tokyo, $12.70
7 Three Coins, Taiwan, Taipei, $13.00
8 Lao Zheng Xing, China, Shanghai, $14.60
9 L’Antic Moli, Spain, El Castell, $16.60
10 Al’s Place USA, San Francisco, $18.00
11 King, Macau, Macau, $18.60
12 The Coach, UK, Marlow, $21.10
13 Ten-you, Japan, Kyoto, $21.40
14 Tuju, Brazil, São Paulo, $22.40
15 Fritz’s Frau Franzi, Germany, Dusseldorf, $22.40

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Check out the full list here: Traveloka

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