Get your hands on the last 330 bottles of The John Walker, Last Cask as the Iconic series ends

All good things must come to an end, because that’s as fair as life gets. You can’t have too many good things which is why I believe limited-edition possessions will always be in demand. We are bringing you another coveted limited-edition range of premium John Walker scotch whiskey. The final batch of The John Walker, which sits in The John Walker & Sons portfolio, will be released under the name ‘The Last Cask’ with only 330 bottles available. Diageo said production will come to an end because the marrying casks – which were made 100 years ago no longer bring the right “balance and depth of character” to the whiskey. These whiskeys are surely the kinds you want in your bar; what makes them special is they are aged using a triple maturation technique. For The John Walker, Last Cask, six single malt whiskeys, and three-grain whiskeys were first individually matured, before the grains and malts were brought together in two separate vattings, and then finally married together in the bespoke cask lending delicate flavours including notes of honey sweetness, subtle spice and soft fruit character.

For the few really special occasions in life we need to raise a special toast. When your child graduates, when your daughter decides to get married, when you finally buy the car of your dreams, or when you decide to make an ordinary night special by opening that premium whiskey and just toasting to a good life, you would want that drink to be The John Walker, Last Cask. This limited-edition collection will be available to purchase in China from August, priced at CNY21,835. It will launch in travel retail and other select markets, including the UK, from October onwards, priced at RRP £2,995 (US$3,635).

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