Indulge in the most expensive Chocolate in the world

Chocolate, the one food that makes millions salivate is now going to make you lighten your wallet by $260 for a bar of 50 grams. the brand To’ak may very well be the most expensive pure chocolate in the world with its ingredients being just the humble cacao and cane sugar. These chocolates are made from the cacao of the Arriba cacao trees that are on the verge of extinction.

toak-chocolate-1The makers treat chocolate making with the same care and precision as required in making a fine wine. Every step and procedure is patiently and perfectly executed to finally produce this exotic chocolate. It has taken them 2 years to produce 574 bars, which are sold in individual wooden boxes filled with cacao bean husks and numbered by harvest. Each of these slabs of chocolate come with a cacao bean in the middle to remind the consumers that chocolates come from a tree and not from a factory.

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Keeping every minute detail in mind, the box comes with wooden tweezers to pick up your piece of chocolate so that the oils from your fingertips do not interfere with the fine taste of the chocolate.

Cannot really imagine anything more heavenly than the taste of melting chocolate, so with just 380 of these bars left you need to hurry if you want to get your teeth into this bar of this chocolate.

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