Largest gin bar in London is a library of spirits

Gin & tonic is as British as fish & chips. So can you imagine the thrill for Londoners when Holborn Dining Room opened The Gin Bar – offering the largest collection of gin, more than 400 varieties. And supporting this is a collection of 27 mixers. In total there will be some 14,035 gin and tonic combinations that you can try. That is like spending a portion of your lifetime, tasting a new gin & tonic drink, every weekend. And then someone would come up with more of these fancy ideas, and then you will get to live on gin and tonic for the rest of your life – a different flavor and taste every single time.

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Oh, why are we not in London now? Sipping on one of these fine drinks in Holborn Dining Room’s read leather and tartan-trimmed banquette? Why must we sit in a concrete jungle and ogle at pictures of drinks like a tall glass served with a dry slice of lemon, a chili pepper and a piece of twig. You could have a local brand, for nine pound or a more exclusive and rare Taplows London Dry Gin, for 52 pounds. Or a Belgian ecologically friendly Forest Dry Gin Spring or a classic gin recipe from 1892. And many more and more and more.
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And if you are not much of a gin person (oh shoot me, im not one), then there are other options like other spirits, wines and craft beer. What meeeans, there is a new place in town to haunt for a long time to come.
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