Louis Vuitton sues Korean restaurant for using the brand name to sell chicken

Louis Vuitton doesn’t take kindly to having their brand infringed. The French luxury house took a South Korean restaurant to court last year for calling itself Louis Vuiton Dak (tongdak is the Korean word for whole chicken) and using a logo similar to LV’s monogram on their napkins and take-out containers. Now a district court in Seoul has ordered the owner of the restaurant to fork over 14.5 million won ($12,750) as damages to Louis Vuitton.
After the initial lawsuit, the restaurant owner –identified only by the family name Kim- changed the name of the restaurant to ‘chaLouisvui tondak’ but Louis Vuitton were not satisfied and made another complaint resulting in the final fine.

Brands are getting increasingly protective of their brands and logos. Quartz reported that Rolex and Faberge have also taken legal action against restaurants that have used their names.

[ Via : Qz ]

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