Luxury Ice spheres at $8 a piece will luxe up your drinks

We’ve spoken plenty on the most premium drinks. In fact, just recently we reported on the world’s most expensive cocktail! What could top that, correct? Wrong! Taking even the most premium drinks up a notch is Gläce Luxury Ice. If not the looks, then the taste, if not the taste then the lack of pollutants, this luxury ice can charm all connoisseurs of fine drinking. Allow me to explain.

‘A dry martini,’ he said. ‘One. In a deep champagne goblet.” That was 007 describing his ‘shaken not stirred’ drink. But however you like yours, you definitely need ice to do the job. Still, be it in the mixologist’s shaker or your own choice of goblet, typical ice is made from municipal tap water, which can contain upwards of 150 impurities and carcinogens. Such ice is potentially unhealthy and poor tasting unlike Gläce luxury ice, which comes purified of minerals, additives and other pollutants. And here’s the best part, the ice is not in common cube form but crafted as spheres to deliver the finest accessory for top shelf drinks.

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Its elegant design not only offers the highest level of presentation and purity, it minimizes the amount of dilution that interferes with a high quality drink’s taste. “Each 2.25″ diameter sphere is individually carved and designed to offer a drink presentation that inspires, intrigues and most importantly complements the quality of the contents in your glass.” Just think about it, if you like your drink straight up, a single sphere and your premium drink actually gets its distinguished due at any occasion. “We believe that all things in life, especially your spirits, deserve the very best.” All this, thanks to a Business School project!

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That’s what led Davis resident Roberto Sequeira to develop it into a full-blown business prospect. Said development has now snowballed into the newer G3 or G Cubed (for the purists, perhaps?) besides the original Mariko Sphere. It is distributed by Sysco at restaurants and bars around the world as a premium cooling option. In Sequeira’s own words, “even though it’ll raise the price of a drink by $10, it makes a statement like any other luxury good.”

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