Missing Bora Bora, Maldives or the Bahamas? Check out these breathtaking cakes which actually look like tropical islands

For some life’s a beach and for some life is a cake. For the exceptionally talented life is a beach-themed cake. The pandemic is hell-bent on making us stay at home and miss the incredible islands of our planet. However some cake masters are so skilled that they are recreating a tropical island using regular baking ingredients, food coloring and jelly and bringing the island to you instead. Bakers from all over the world have taken to this trend probably because vacations seem like a distant dream. For now, the tropical paradise is experienced only by reveling in the photos of their cakes that look like gorgeous, pristine islands and they’re so gorgeous we had to share:

Missing Maldives? Looks like this baker is missing the pristine holiday destination just as much as us what with the cutest little seaplane, wooden planks and the world created to perfection.

Unbelievably detailed and 100% edible this cake leaves the mind boggled and the tongue salivating. Isn’t this paradise island cake just too beautiful to eat?

How id love to be a pirate and be on this edible and completely tantalizing chocolate ship! Such amazing details masterfully created will put all VFX artists to shame.

For those wondering where is the cake hidden in these tropical-themed sweet treats? Well, here it is, embedded inside like hidden treasure.

This one is a winner with the entire island depicted beautifully right from the clear blue water to the marine life, the corals, and even some foamy waves. This wonderful cake island cake has it all!

Deep blue waters, lush green trees this island cake has it all done to perfection. It’s so pretty I’d rather stare at it all day than ruin this picture-perfect vision of a mini-island right in front of me. Do not miss the cutesy little chocolate boat in the middle.

Tempted to go snorkeling with the rich marine life of our world? Look at how excellently this baking expert has recreated an exact replica that I would like to call – a slice of marine life. Take a closer look at the zoomed image and you really can’t say if it’s an actual image of life under the ocean or edible art.

[Via: Bored Panda]

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