Made using the freshest olives from the finest trees of Greece, This is one of the most luxurious olive oil in the world.

By becoming the first luxury olive oil globally, the Lambda Oil by Speiron Co has reformed the way the world looks at food ingredients. It is not every day one comes across a component that wins it all right from awards, accolades, and a monicker of being called the ‘Rolls Royce’ of olive oils. The limited-production extra virgin olive oil, Lambda, is dubbed so because it is pricey and because it brings the best-in-class quality to the table, literally! Everything is top-rated from the packaging (neatly tucked into a hand-sewn leather pouch embedded in a gift box) that confuses it with being an exclusive perfume (the expensive part is accurate) to the product itself.

The Olives are sourced from some of the oldest centenarian olive trees of Greece. They are handpicked and pressed with the utmost care, so much that they are pressed the very same day. This meticulous step ensures the excellent olives are turned to a premium oil within a maximum of 8-10 hours after picking, giving the oil an unequaled fresh and profoundly fruity flavor. Compared to other olive oils, Lambda boasts notably low acidity with a maximum of 0.3%.

The founder, Giorgos Kolliopoulos, throws light on the process, “Each year I create λ /lambda/’s own secret blend using three main criteria: the fruitiness (median of Fruitiness constantly above 6.0), the ultra-low acidity (constantly below 0.2), and my own expertise in order to create an overall-balanced mild flavor that will stun the senses.” He continues, “It usually takes four people and up to five hours to produce one hundred bottles. Our vision aims to reinvent food into an experience for the senses.”

We will never know what blend of Koroneiki & Maroneia variety olives go in the pure Lambda Olive oil for obvious reasons, nor will the location of the centenarian trees growing the olives be revealed. However, we know each bottle passes five quality controls and is bottled and labeled entirely by hand. With time Lambda has gained a global reputation of being the most luxurious flavorsome olive oil found only on the shelves of prestigious stores like Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, and select upscale gourmet stores and high-end hotels in Luxembourg, Netherlands, UAE, and Greece.

A bottle of Lambda olive oil is considered expensive. Still, the makers went a step ahead to mark it as the ultra-luxurious ingredient in any kitchen by offering the fantastic opportunity to get the world’s first personalized olive oil back in 2010. It made for a priced gift, one that’s truly exceptional for a gastronome or a cooking expert. The customized bottle came with a signature embossed on the minimalistic flask-like Lambda bottle came along with a special marking on the bottle’s shoulder and cost a cool $15,200. The case it came in was particularly fancy with two 18k white gold plates, one marking the exclusive Lambda highly personal service and the other bearing the owner’s name.

Today, the Lambda olive oil can be bought for about $50 per bottle (a minimum of two bottles need to be ordered) or $200 for a bottle of Lambda in the signature gift box. The Lambda ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil is a glistening reminder that all good things in life come at a price.

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