This country is the most expensive in the world to buy a Starbucks coffee

There are a lot of fun things to do in Denmark; you can go to Tivoli Gardens, admire the little mermaid sculpture, live in awe of the many wonderful castles but I’d say refrain from having a cup of Joe at Starbucks. Word is, Denmark is the world’s priciest country for a Starbucks coffee. It is apparently true; a caffeine hit will hit you harder in Denmark than anywhere else. While a tall latte in turkey will cost you $1.78, in Denmark it will set you back by $6.05. Comparison site Finder has ranked 76 countries in relation to the price customers will pay for a tall Starbucks latte. The next four most expensive countries to buy a cup of Starbucks coffee are Switzerland ($5.94), Finland ($5.40), Macau ($5.21) and Luxembourg ($5.18). The US comes in at number 16, where a tall latte in New York costs $4.30. And the UK is on the board at number 41, where coffee in London costs $3.58. It’s strange that Starbucks was founded in North America and it isn’t even in the top 10 of the cheapest places.

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For those who are shocked by this revelation, there are many other cafes you can hit to satiate the caffeine addict in you. Or just be busy indulging in the natural beauty there and coffee will be the last thing on your mind.


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