This luxury whiskey glass houses a 3D printed scaled model Mount Everest in it and can cool your spirit in just 18 seconds

‘It would take a mountain to chill my drink,’ says the cantankerous uncle at every dinner party! The next one won’t give the irascible fool a chance to bicker as I have found just that…literally and figuratively! This connoisseur-approved barware option for avid whiskey drinkers will truly add the cheers where it’s meant to be! The Everest Whiskey Glass is class apart with a 1:230,000 scale model of Mount Everest inside created for Liiton by Danish designer Nina Bruun. The purpose of this downsized grand structure of a mountain nestled right into the base of the glass is not there for a reminder that the drink is obviously cold. It does a lot more than make the whiskey glass look marvelous as it’s embedded with the Chill Charge System that works with the same function as a whiskey-stone but without the annoying intrusion. Much like the different stages of climbing a mountain that includes preparing for the climb, staging the climb, reach- ing base camp, and attaining the summit, the Everest Whiskey Glass can be prepped by keeping it in the freezer and taking it out before a drink, wherein it’s Chill Charge properties will take over to effectively and evenly chill your drink in under 20 seconds without watering it down. The Mt. Everest replica at the base allows you to measure your drinks against the mountain’s ascent. Pouring your alcohol till Everest’s base camp gives you roughly 1.5oz while going till Camp B measures 3oz. Pour your drink all the way to Everest’s summit, and you’ve effectively got 4.5oz of spirit. If this isn’t an ice-breaker in the literal sense, then I don’t know what is!

The luxury whiskey glasses come in a set of 4, with an optional Everest decanter to preserve and serve your eclectic spirits. The glasses really do make for a splendid gift for a loved one and with Christmas nearing a truly high-quality drinking experience with Mount Everest for company is ideal! You can buy a set of two Huckberry-exclusive Whiskey Glasses for $23.98 here.

[Via: Yanko Design]

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