Turn meals heavenly with this hedonistic 24K gold premium organic olive oil

Laughter is brightest where food is best. And the food is best when made with love and some really good ingredients. One such ingredient providing the world with a golden experience is an ultra-luxurious 24K Gold organic ultra-rich olive oil, founded by Kristjan Podgornik. 24K gold premium organic olive oil is organically grown and processed by expert hands, extracted from the most excellent olive trees in Slovenia. This grants them an exceptionally inviting aroma as well as places them among the top 20 best olive oils in the world. Award-winning olive miller Boris Jenko knows what he is doing and brings the best of the sunny Slovenian seaside region in the form of fine edible 24k gold olive oil. His well-researched and the well-developed product is a hit with a celebrity and Michelin star restaurant clientele. Other than the many health benefits of olive oil, what works wonderfully is a touch of endless elegance, undeniable taste, and premium value it adds to the food you cook with so much heart.

For all the hedonistic foodies out there, Golden Olive oil from Boris Jenko premium edition comes in a high-grade glass, boldly tattooed with the superior mark of the Olive tree, and detailed with 24 karat gold “G” letter. You can now get your hands on a 200ml bottle of this premium 24K Gold organic ultra-rich olive oil for $265.

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[Available at Golden Products]

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