A $45,000 Sun lounger that follows the sun

The Hotel Show in Dubai on 28th September, marked the unveiling of the luxury sun lounger by Remmus Ltd. This is the brain child of Finnish designer Tapio Anttila, had all the audiences at the show gushing over his creation. One would wonder why such a hullabaloo over a sun lounger. One look at it and all your questions will be answered.

The lounger rotates automatically along with the sun and allows the user to choose whether they want to angle themselves in the sun or in the shadow of the sun shade. The electronically adjustable back rest has water proof Bose speakers so that you can hear your choice of music via Bluetooth while you relax. There is also a wireless charging station for phones so there is no fear of our phone running out of battery. On an exceptionally hot day one can use the water sprayers to create a light mist in order to cool you down. When it gets dark the lounger immediately lights up by the atmospheric LED lighting. On reading this one wonders if the designer has forgotten anything at all. He seems to have thought of every minute detail for the comfort, pleasure and need of the user.

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remmus-sun-lounger-4You can choose your own upholstery from the materials available to match your taste. Steel fittings and a fibre glass frame give it its finishing look. Each lounger is numbered and they adhere to the strictest standards of quality.

remmus-sun-lounger-5For those who want to indulge in this ultimate lounger that spells luxury, it will cost you 35,000 Euros.

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