A bespoke bed for junior that is inspired by classic British cars driven by James Bond

Savior beds have enjoyed a lot of adulation for their collection of designer beds and their many interesting collaborations. But today, we have come across a bed so majestic it might put its contemporaries to shame. Aimed at the little bundle of joys in your lives, this James Bond-inspired vintage car bed by Dragons is all kinds of cute. I was all for princess-y, castle-shaped beds but one look at this amazing creation and I’m a convert. Don’t let the 007 inspiration make you think this is a good choice for boys only; I know I would’ve loved having one of these in my room. There’s so much to adore in this vintage bed; details like car keys, a personalized number plate, tinted Perspex windows, and working headlights contribute in making it look real. In addition to these, the authentic rubber tires and red faux leather upholstery lining and headboard, give it a very realistic, lending it an old-school charm of a 1960s grand tourer.

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The Dragon VC150 bed is decorated with sophisticated fiberglass paneling and chrome accessories, super soft 100% cotton bedding and a single 1000 pocket sprung mattress for the ultimate comfort. Price is £19,995 ($25,870) which may seem staggering to the few who value their sleep more than their beds.

[Available at Dragons Of Walton Street]

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