A pool table that is even too cool for Mr. Christian Grey

We’ve seen plenty of pool tables in our time. These chunky, wooden, felt-clad tables are perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy a leisurely evening with the rest of the gents. However, we’ve never come across a pool table as eye-catching, modern and completely out-of-the-box as this one. Called the Filotto, this pool table by the luxury brand Calma E Gesso is extremely unique, thanks to its crystal build. The table is see-through and is inspired by the historic Artusi marquee. The table’s case and legs are constructed from crystal glass. The table uses stainless steel components, giving it a minimalist futuristic edge. Using an Italian slate playing field base and Simonis wool cloth, this table is sturdier than it looks and will give you endless hours of play-time, while blending well into your post-modern home.

pool table 2
The Filotto table is also available in wood, sporting a case and legs made from fine recycled wood. Just like the crystal table, this one too uses an Italian slate playing field base and Simonis wool cloth. The tables by Calma E Gesso are customizable, and the company offers a range of different colors to choose from when it comes to the Simonis wool cloth and the leather pockets. The crystal table is priced at €55,000 (approximately $61,900) while prices for the wooden table start at €52,000 (approximately $58,000).
pool table 1

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