A unique clock that tells the time with shadows

If you deem clocks as a collector’s item, we’d definitely propose a visit at the Vienna Design Week 2015 which commences on 25th September. The week-long exhibit features some impressive pieces, and we’re thoroughly excited about the Breaded Escalope’s most recent timepiece. This exceptional piece of art is a clock that uses shadows to display the time when a finger is placed within its face.

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The Shadowplay Clock – as it is called – is effortlessly mounted onto a flat vertical surface and entails a raised plywood ring with LEDs underneath that shine into its centre. By placing a finger in the middle of the circle, the user activates sensors that turn off all but three of the lights.
Shadowplay-Clock 2
Connected to an Arduino electronic platform, the sensors relay the signal to turn off the lights. The human input required to make the product function is intended to “surprise and reach people emotionally”.
Shadowplay-Clock 3
Vienna’s opulent Ganz Neue Gallerie will play host to the city’s design week.

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[ Via : Dezeen ]

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