A stunning new coffee machine Ena by Jura to brighten your day

With September coming in close enough its time you start preparing for Christmas, unless you want to scramble around last minute and end up with gifts your loved ones don’t really want. And if you want to have fresh espresso coffee first thing in the morning, why not get some classy Ena coffee machines and matching espresso cups, by Jura for your better half? Touted to be the slimmest of its kind (its 23.8cm wide), the Ena is a fully automatic espresso machine, perfect for a modern stylish kitchen.

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The coffee spout can be rotated and its height adjusted to suite your style, you can make up to two cups of fresh coffee at once. The coffeemaker is available in seven color combinations and is sent to you with matching espresso cups and saucers. Priced at $1,165, you can pick from colors including blossom white, ristretto black, espresso brown, cherry red, leaf green, blue mountain sky and crema.
Thanks Jessica Geary

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