Alfi Carafes- Thermal carafes in Golden

Replacing the common array of thermal flasks, the Alfi Carafes assume an aesthetic appeal with superior performance. Originally crafted in 1918 for the Pullman cars of American railroads and designed by well-renowned designers like Tassino Von Grolman, Luca Tarazzi, Ole Palsby and Julian Brown, the Alfi Carafes has since then adorned the coffee tables of generations. Employing state-of-art materials and cutting edge technology, the Alfi carafes does an excellent job in keeping liquids hot or cold upto 12 hours.

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The elegant Juwel Gold plated brass carafe with the AlfiDur double-walled vacuum hard glass liner has a capacity of 1 liter or 33.8 ounces and can be easily cleaned with soapy warm water. Alfi Carafes Thermal carafe retails for $450.