An Apple MacBook Air inspired luxury styled toilet seat

Would you like to have a luxury seat that was designed, on some obscure level, with ideologies taken from Apple’s MacBook Air? Even if it looked like, functioned and in reality actually was a toilet seat? And more importantly, would you pay up to $850 for it? While these may sound like the raving questions of a madman, I can assure you, they’re not. A design firm called Pinkhouse has been trying very hard to break in to the haute couture furniture business with what some would call fashion furniture and others, simply absurd.

The firm was hell bent on developing a chic, comfortable toilet seat (go figure) and after various mark-ups, designs, re-designs, prototypes, research conducted by visiting various hardware stores from all over, they finally found a design that they thought would be most appealing to today’s consumer, the Apple MacBook!

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Though it may not look anything like it, perhaps the cover might bear some resemblance to the MacBook Air’s display section and the overall sleek, slender (I can’t believe I’m saying this) styling of the seat. The cover is actually laser-cut 12-gauge steel, and is slightly bent and powder-coated in a range of colors. The Seat itself is made from Maple which not only sturdy but has a warm, traditional hardwood appeal. The company says that they’re also working on plastic models that would be more affordable (thank goodness).

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While we it might be very wrong to say that Apple’s designs seem to be going down the toilet, but I meant that in a very literal way, if this is what things have come to. While just the toilet seat cover sells for about $260. The Toilet chair (yes, there’s even a chair) goes for as high as $850. I guess when you need to make a fashion statement, regardless of where it might be placed in your home or what it’s “function” is, price is not an obstacle.

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