At $199,000 this could be the most luxurious lamp in the world

The Maison Rêve de Louis has revealed their Kubya lamp – a luxe piece of lighting that is limited to just 9 made-to-order pieces. The designer has used high-end materials to create a lamp that’s being called the most luxurious jeweled lamp in the world. One of these ultra-exclusive lamps can be viewed at the Place Vendôme in Paris, where orders can also be placed – just as long as you’re one of the first nine!

The lamp is made from varnished carbon – more specifically the type you would find in a Formula 1 race car, racing yachts or in the most prestigious luxury car brands. 4 unique moulds were created to produce the carbon parts for the body and the foot. These elements were manufactured in France by skilled carbon specialists who make the yachts that win many races and prizes around the world.

Meanwhile the body is adorned with strips of pure 18-carat gold, running the length of the piece from top to bottom. Twenty-four tiny screws, all made of pure 18-carat gold attach the gold panel to the carbon body. Each one is produced and adjusted in France, by the hand of an artisan jeweller for a very high-quality finish.

Three diamonds were added to each of the gold “baguettes” that adorn the lamp, that adds up to 18 stones and a total of 1.74 carats of diamonds. At the foot of the lamp, the pure 18-carat gold brand signature is also embellished with a diamond measuring 5 millimetres in diameter, or half a carat. This diamond is also incrusted directly in the gold and carbon. The carbon behind the diamond is pierced so that when lit, the diamond shines from the inside out.

The lamp is motion activated and offers a warm glow of light. It is priced at $199,000.

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