Bongos Wine – A mobile wine station for alfresco celebrations

With the weekend just behind me, I am trying hard to beat the Monday morning blues. And it’s the refreshing news of the well-designed mobile wine island that kicked me into working mode. The Bongos Wine is, as the site describes, an autonomous transportable stainless steel workspace, provided with two independent refrigerated wine cellars. This movable cellar can be taken outdoors, without hesitation, for an alfresco jamboree as it is crafted out of stainless steel. Fitted with four pivoting wheels and brakes, you can maneuver it with ease. It is roomy enough to store and preserve different types of wine at desired temperatures. The glass doors on the wine coolers give a glimpse of what’s cooling inside. Also, the temperature can be monitored on two digital displays. The makers have also thrown in an ice bin to store ice and two flute racks to hold the glasses. It also has room for eight small containers for bottles and snacks. At the same time, the removable wooden serving shelf can also be used as a trencher. For 6950 Euro ($10,000), this elegant mobile wine cellar also doubles up as a minibar!

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