Costing a whopping $96,000 this is Britain’s most expensive bed

While a clear conscience and a hard day’s work can also assure you the sweetest slumber, the folks at luxury bedding brand Vispring are making sure that you never miss on it, just in case! In promising you the sleep that you deserve, the marquee has introduced a luxe mattress and bed that will rock you into a trance, all while costing you a bank-breaking £75,000 (approximately $96,321 USD) in exchange!

Touted as UK’s most expensive bed ever, the ‘Diamond Majesty Bed’, as it is called, boasts of the finest bed-making skills. The mattress is made from precious Vicuna wool that comes from a type of alpaca found in the South American mountains and is considered one of the rarest and finest fibers in the world. It is combined with the President divan that features a solid beech frame, crafted with two layers of hand-nested calico pocketed springs and finest horsehair upholstery, blended with Platinum certified British fleece wool and cotton.

Commenting on the premium luxury and comfort of the Diamond Majesty Bed, Ewan Philp, marketing director for Gillies said, ‘Customers have tested it out and they seem to like it. You can order it in different tensions, it just depends on your weight.” He further added, “‘It’s stunning, the temptation is there to just lie on it.” Customers are also handed out complimentary champagne glasses while testing the bed. Although on tour, thy Master Bed is available on sale for those willing to buy it!

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