From glow-in-the-dark walkways to cloud print floors. This home in Milan is designed specially for TikTok and Instagram influencers

Pop-up board, loud colors, and eclectic décor – they all sum up a social media influencers life. And in giving them a one-stop for these is Defhouse. The concept home in Milan is a mix of heterogeneous surfaces, fragmented scenographies, and over the top objects that speak volumes in each frame.

Designed as a 500-square-meter penthouse, it is touted to be the “ideal set for producing content”.

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It has been conceived by the media company Web Stars Channel (WSC). It is decorated (with a mixture of stripes, zigzags, triangles and dashes, blue-and-pink sectional sofa with zebra-print inserts, and quirky soft furnishings) by renowned art director John Pentassuglia.

A bomb of extravagance, the property is said to be the first house of its kind in the whole of Italy. (Frankly, we aren’t surprised!)

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As per WSC’s founder, Luca Casadei is unique as it asks influencers to focus on producing work with depth and substance. It is currently occupied by seven influencers – all between the ages of 16 and 19, who are each required to attend courses on issues such as sustainability and learn about professions that lie beyond the realm of social media.

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Commenting on it, Casadei said, The young people of this generation have a low attention threshold,” She further added, “They don’t know much outside of social media and want to become famous: perfect ingredients to achieve a success that will evaporate in a flash without leaving any mark.”

Well, Defhouse challenges these gaps with elan, or so we hope!

[Via: Dezeen]