Jewel dazzles up your home with millions of Swarovski crystals

How much luxury can you use to do up your home? Not enough really! So you need more crystal to shine up your home with Jewel, an exclusive luxury interior finishing product. The Jewel sports over “half a million individual pieces of Swarovski Elements per square meter.” More than five years in the making this product contains crystals mixed with a transparent resin to make sure that the walls and furniture stands out. This sparkling resin is applied layer after layer by hand with a spatula onto walls to give a perfectly even finish. You can use it not just on walls but on your cabinets and other furniture, and coupled with the perfect lighting, see your home sparkle and shine!

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Applied by a team of authorized craftsmen who follow a lengthy and tedious process, a square meter of Jewel costs €4,500 ($5,900).