LG’ newest voice-controlled smart refrigerator have voice controlled doors so you dont have to touch the handle and risk spreading germs

There are so many reasons why a voice-controlled smart fridge that opens on command is convenient. Of course, with our recent experience with Coronavirus, the hygienic feature is the number one reason to have a voice-controlled smart fridge that opens on command. You don’t have to touch the handle risk spreading viruses and other germs. Secondly, we could be carrying a heavy load of groceries in both hands, and voice command will make life easier. Thirdly, we are in 2021, and we need this kind of cool technology, after all, we have been using it on our mobile phones for years now. The appliance will be unveiled by LG at next month’s digital Consumer Electronics Show as a part of the updated ‘InstaView Door-in-Door’ fridge. The LG InstaView refrigerator offers a limited range of interactions; it can open the refrigerator door, it can detect how well its ice and water dispensers are operating, or if it needs a new water filter. Thanks to AI, the fridge can take care of itself if the owner grants permission like connect to the Amazon Dash replenishment service and order filters when needed. The InstaView is also cool for its other specs other than a voice command. By simply knocking twice, the glass panel on the front of the fridge can be made transparent or opaque, allowing the fridge’s contents to be seen without opening the fridge and letting the air out. The water dispenser uses a filter but shines an ultraviolet light on the taps when used as an extra disinfectant and is accompanied by LG’s Craft Ice maker, which adds spherical ice balls to the usual crushed and cubed choices. The firm spokesperson said, ‘The LG InstaView refrigerator with voice recognition makes time spent in the kitchen more productive and more convenient. LG’s interactive voice technology also makes it possible to ask the refrigerator for today’s agenda or check the ice and water dispensers.’

LG’s full InstaView refrigerator line-up will be displayed as part of the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, which is being held in Las Vegas this year from January 11–14.

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