LG’s ridiculously fancy shoeboxes will let you show off and also take care of your Jordans.

LG’s Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare make complete sense. In fact, some would even deem the duo an absolute necessity. Many sneakerheads invest a substantial amount of their hard-earned or easily inherited money in sought-after sneakers; they certainly don’t come cheap. With racks and racks of expensive sneakers, laid out Kardashian closet-style, one has to rely on the best methods available to take care of their pricey, limited-edition footwear. An all-round solution was unveiled at the technology trade show IFA in Berlin- the Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase. The latter features transparent panels that allow you to showcase your rare trainers in a space-friendly solution.

The ShoeCase will also provide protection against humidity and a fabric-discoloring UV light in a 360-degree turntable, ensuring each pair of your trainers gets time to shine. The LG Styler ShoeCare, on the other hand, uses the company’s TrueSteam technology to keep shoes fresh as daisies, soak up moisture and help remove smells. No matter how expensive the shoe is, it will walk on soiled ground at some point! The ShoeCare system can be relied on to refresh up to four pairs of shoes in 37 minutes on a standard course. You can clean your leather shoes and sneakers together too. A height-adjustable moving nozzle dries out the insides of shoes so you can wear the shoe of your choice even if it rains and pours.

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“LG’s new Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare form a total shoe care solution for hygienically cleansing, storing, and displaying one’s footwear,” said Lyu Jae-Cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Utilizing our latest technologies and offering convenient control and design, these groundbreaking products are ideal for consumers looking for a better, more enjoyable way to manage their shoe collection. We will continue to deliver innovative solutions for a better life at home,” shared Hypebeast. Both the LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare are compatible with the LG ThinQ app, but there is no information on pricing and availability yet.

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