Lock your valuables and sleep over it with the “SAFE-T” in bed

Imagine sleeping in a comfy bed and catching a late night movie, or even surfing the net. But such amazing technology doesn’t come cheap and anything expensive needs to be safeguarded. And so Hollandia International has decided that after giving the world opulent sleep systems, it’s their responsibility to ensure that there beds can take care of their owners belongings too. The company has come out with a new $20,400 Executive SAFE-T Bed which can be fitted on to their latest line of luxury sleep systems.

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Originally designed for an international customer who wished to store his handgun close to him, this 8inches x10.6 inches and with a depth of 4.3inches, safe is tucked in beneath the mattress, locked with a key. The SAFE-T system comes built in with the Hollandia’s Executive Bed, and can be customized for the Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Advanced Sleep System for $399.

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