Luxe it up: Here’s the ultimate luxury accessories list for your home

There’s something about a luxe lifestyle. Having money isn’t enough, knowing where and how to spend it is what makes all the difference. It doesn’t always take an army of designers to amp the luxe quotient in your homes. Keep it minimalistic and sharp with a few excellent objects that speak volumes of your grand taste in the nicer things is all it takes. We have listed lust-worthy luxe accessories for your home that can give the simplest of spaces the sexiest of upgrades. Read on…

The Igloo-
This hot fireplace termed ‘The Igloo’ is made entirely of glass and stainless steel. Needless to say, it’s a modern take on a conventional fireplace. A home with a fireplace is what everyone dreams of; a home with a fireplace as cool as The Igloo is what luxury lover’s dream of. The Igloo features a clear glass frame and BK5 burner comes with an adjustable flame.

Stiltz luxury home lift-
A luxurious home needs a luxury home lift even if it’s only to go one floor above. Isn’t that the whole point of luxury? Just the very availability of a thing that’s super expensive and of no use but there to make life easier while it sits incredibly pretty as Stiltz luxury home lifts. The Stiltz Home Lift has an unrivalled ability to fit into spaces, so you can fit them wherever you’d like. These luxury home lifts are powered by an intelligent electric motor that plugs straight into a normal 13 amp power socket like any other household appliance. Impressive right?

Samsung’s The Wall Luxury-
You just haven’t made it big till you have a really big TV (big TV = nothing less than 200 inches). While many consider TV an appliance, Samsung’s Wall Luxury TV is a masterpiece measuring 292 inches from corner to corner. The Wall is a massive modular MicroLED TV with a maximum resolution of 8K. The Wall Luxury will be available starting next month.

Nuvola Wall Lamp-
Lights and luxury go hand-in-hand. Get some pretty lights and your space lights up. Get the Nuvola wall lamp and your space gets the edge you were yearning for. You can use this Polyethylene lamp as a wall or ceiling lamp, either way, it will make your abode look uber-cool and very refreshing. Retails for $1000.

Aston Martin V216 Tobacco Brown marble coffee table-
Add a dash of luxury to your living room with an Aston Martin standing right in the centre. A coffee table from the uber-luxurious brand can only make things extravagant in there. The materials used are tanned leather and tobacco brown marble and impressive detailing like metal buttons with AM logo in light gold finish.

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