Maximo Riera’s Toad Sofa is the first two-seater chair of the collection

Maximo Riera Menendez’s 15 piece Animal Collection, has changed our perception of furniture completely, the pieces already unveiled include the octopus chair, the rhino chair, the elephant chair and the whale chair. Each of Riera’s pieces uses the animal to tell a story and the latest piece the Toad Sofa is no different. The Toad Sofa is the first two-seater piece in the collection to be unveiled; this oversized piece will make a statement in any living room with its oversized toad shape. The artist has been influenced by the back part of this amphibian along with the irregular bumps on its leathery skin. The front of this chair has been styled in a minimalist baroque fashion to offer a smooth and simplistic contrast to the excess of the back. The toad sofa like all the others pieces in this collection, tells a story, in this case Riera uses the Toad to represent the misnamed ugliness of unconventional figures.

This two-seater sofa is limited to a mere 20 pieces and has a production time of about 10 weeks. Priced at about £55,000 (about $88,500), the Toad Sofa much like the toad stands out in an urban environment.

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