An uber-rich Swiss family has commissioned the world’s most expensive Advent calendar at $10 million.

British designer Debbie Wingham puts an inexpungible smile on the faces of multimillionaires owing to her one-of-kind commissioned creations. And on the other end, for lesser loaded mortals, the splendid ideas could be eye-watering expensive. After creating an unusual cake shaped like a life-sized bride for a whopping $1 million and the world’s most costly photo frame for a cool $2 million she has trend Santa for a wealthy, anonymous Swiss clan. The self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas has created what could be one of her most expensive creations- the world’s most expensive Advent calendar!

For an ultra-expensive $10,368,423, Wingham has made this patriarch very happy, ending his hunt for the ultimate Yuletide gift for his family. With a $10 million price tag, it’s a given the advent calendar will be packed with luxurious gifts, but even more fascinating than the items inside is the idea that the gifts stem from. “My client told me, ‘We have a country to visit each month next year, and I need a way to represent these countries,'” Wingham told South West News Service. She added, “It came to me all at once. I needed to create an Advent calendar, replicating the 12 days of Christmas, corresponding to the exciting travel schedule.”

So the family members will get a $23216 Paris Chanel purse embellished in diamonds, a glistening gold Arabian lamp encrusted with diamonds and emeralds, representing their forthcoming trip to Dubai. Embodying their impending trip t the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland is a luxe diamond-studded Disney ornament. In addition to these lavish gifts, the family’s 12 upcoming travel destinations are matched with hand-painted artworks. As if this wasn’t extravagant enough, the cherry on the cake is reclaimed items from Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Chanel to finish the inside of each window. Considering the scale and exclusivity of this advent calendar, Debbi Wingham had ditched the traditional tiny size and gone big, nearly a meter tall and weighing a substantial 108 pounds.

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The outer structure of the advent calendar is constructed from reclaimed ebony and lacquered in black diamond paint to give it a premium finish. The lucky family will not only be at the receiving end of this beautiful advent calendar, but their following year looks pretty delightful with monthly trips around the globe to destinations like Paris, Dubai, New York, and Disneyland, and more.

[Via: New York Post]

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