Park a Rolls-Royce Phantom couch in your house

Fancy a Rolls-Royce? Well, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is certainly not for all; only the affluent can lay their finger on it. But I am sure that many luxury car fans can save up to place this Rolls-Royce Phantom couch in their den. For $5,500, it will offer luxurious comfort in a true Rolls Royce style. Fitted with a trunk (for storage) and wheels, it is inspired by the Phantom’s rear-end. The red upholstery strikes well with the all-black body. Don’t miss out on the tail lights too! This couch will certainly make you feel like a ruler in your living room if not on the road. And who wouldn’t mind being called as a Rolls Royce couch potato! Ideal for a rich dude’s entertainment room, it may fail to impress a woman. Especially the ones who fail to WOW at the idea of high-end cars!

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It is listed on Jameslist.