The Rawlings authentic baseball glove chair

Ever had a sudden hankering to own a living room chair that fits you like a glove? Well, actually, quite literally! Worry not; you don’t have to settle for a boring barcalounger. Get yourself an oversized catcher chair and never ever miss a Yankees game – that’s if you’re a Yankees fan. Made for all the die-hard baseball fanatics, this Rawlings Baseball Glove Chair is crafted to be an oversized replica of the classic piece of baseball equipment.

It is entirely upholstered in the same authentic leather as the gloves used by pros. The leather for this chair is selected from the top 5% of steer hides in the Midwestern U.S. – the same as used in Rawlings’ acclaimed “Heart of the Hide” baseball glove. It measures 44 x 39 x 28 inches (H x W x D) and weighs 116 lbs. The chair also comes with a removable 12″ square armrest that is made from the same top-quality leather. It is priced at $6,200 and comes with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee at no additional charge.

[Via – Hammacher]

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