Savoir offers clients an opportunity to turn their beds into art!

Savoir Beds – known for their beautiful design and high comfort factor – are usually functional works of art all by themselves. But in a new collaboration with London’s the National Gallery, the luxury bed company has taken the artistic element of their work quite literally. Savoir is inviting their clients to create a masterpiece for their own bedroom with the offer to incorporate and customize any National Gallery owned painting into a bed!

Savoir works closely with our design and upholstery specialists to achieve the desired results. The story begins with a commission. Clients can choose from the National Gallery’s wide array of artworks which includes celebrated works by Da Vinci, Monet, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.
Andrew Martin then uses the latest technology to get the design specially printed on fabric. Clients can choose from lustrous velvet, textured linen viscose and versatile cotton.

Every custom bed is finished with a bespoke plaque detailing the portrait and artist. Each commission will be personally approved by The National Gallery to guarantee the design preserves the essence and integrity of one of the greatest art institutes in the world. The actual artwork is visible on the headboard.


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