Select comfort’s Sleep number bed is superb!

If there is anything I really treasure after my bank account and savings, it is my good night sleep. If people were paid for sleeping, I could surely be titled the richest person in the world. So select comfort surely has everything I need. The right soporific devices that can put off to sleep like not even the dullest most boring sermons. Select comfort reveals its master plan: the Sleep Number bed. Its mattress, which replaces conventional coils with air pockets that you can pressure-adjust to your liking, theoretically giving you the perfect amount of firmness to give you the best possible rest.

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Select comfort offers a new and improved Sleep number bed which adds a layer of “memory foam” to the top of the mattress — sort of an advanced pillow top. It costs $3,200 and I wouldn’t refrain from buying a beauty sleep for even double that price. Now you don’t need to be sleeping beauty to enjoy a wonderful sleep.

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