Smeg chops a Fiat 500 and turns it into a refrigerator

The original Fiat 500 is one of the cutest looking cars ever to be produced and over the years we have seen quite a few interior design companies use the iconic front end of the Cinquecento to craft unusual products like the sofas and coffee tables by MADinItaly. Here’s some more retro-tastic awesomeness by Smeg who have launched a retro refrigerator made from an old Fiat 500 named the SMEG500. The appliance manufacturer had partnered with Fiat back in June 2013 to come up with the Fiat 500 styled fridge. Initially offered in white, blue and green, now Smeg has introduced a red colored variant.

The fridge is made up of an original Fiat 500 front end and the engine is replaced by an icebox under the bonnet. The SMEG500 fridge offers a net capacity of 100 liters with three removable bottle holders and a removable glass shelf and measures 830 x 125 x 800mm. The headlights on the fridge work and can be switched on and off which makes the package even more desirable. It is priced at £5,000 and comes with promise to brighten up your kitchen and transform it.

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