Straight from a fairy tale – An inflatable hot air balloon inspired for kids

If you love whimsical décor and imaginative design, then you’ll love Circu’s hot air balloon inspired bed, which looks like it’s straight out of a Disney movie or a fairy tale. The limited-edition Fantasy Air Balloon bed looks like it’s ready to take you on a journey among fluffy clouds, high above the earth. Isn’t that exactly how you want to feel when you take a trip to dreamland?

The bed part has been crafted using traditional basketry technique while the remaining structure is made of wood with white lacquered gloss finishes. The bed offers storage drawers, and its lower half can be converted into a sofa. Details include synthetic fur upholstery and wood trimmings with gold leaf details. The bed’s strings are handmade using traditional techniques, and the metal parts are finished in a gold bath.
This piece of fantasy furniture is also a techie’s dream, thanks to a light and sound system controlled by a mobile app. Even though this quirky bed is best suited for a child’s room, we love the idea of adding a bit of magic and fun to a master bedroom with this fanciful creation. It’s also a perfect addition to your guest room, where it will ensure that your guests stay happy and lighthearted! And if nothing else, imagine all the cool selfies you can take in this bed.

[ Available at : Circu Via : 2luxury2 ]