The bejeweled Smoking Set adds character to your home décor

Smoking is probably the worst habit one can have, not only is it detrimental to the health of the smoker, but also hazardous to the people around. So this post in no way entices you to light up. Having said that, you can still get an antique Art Deco Smoking Set to add character to your home furnishings. Lucas Rarities is out with a 1925 medium sized smoking set that is appealing to look at and makes for an interesting collectible. The set consists of an Ashtray stack, a Black wood tray that features agate, gold and black enamel handles and can accommodate a ‘pot of cigarettes’. The 24.5cm long, 12cm wide and 6.5cm high set created using agate with coral, onyx and ruby is priced at £54,000 ($ 83,500).

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