The Executive Desk at $21,000 gears you up

With nothing in mind besides gears and their grinding, wrenching sound in his ears, designer Dale Mathis came up with the design of The Executive Desk. It is a transparent table through which you can view the gears as they grind their way into time. Imagine having this at your workplace. It’s meant to be there after all, with the mouse and keyboard tray it is surely a perfect match for the desk of a mechanical engineer. Well, it is a fully functional kinetic desk that has the makings of a classic (because of the price tag and nothing else).

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The desk machine by Dale Mathis

The Executive Desk costs $21,000 and isn’t something that most bosses around the world would like you getting in. I need some justification from Dale ‘cause I’m sure that some fool will put his money into this one.

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