This $120 pillow with NASA approved technology promises you the beauty sleep you really need

In stressful times like these, the best gift you can give anyone (or yourself!) is a good night’s sleep. And a company called Simba is promising just that with a fancy pillow called the Hybrid. The makers say that the pillow is scientifically engineered and offers the user a custom experience thanks to temperature regulation and adjustable height.

The pillow’s temperature control ability comes from OUTLAST® technology which was originally designed for NASA. This special textile regulates your body temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat. It makes sure that you’re never too hot or cold.
The pillow is also stuffed with special memory foam nanotubes. You can add or remove these foam tubes from the pillow to personalize the height and firmness of your pillow. Moreover, a side panel works in tandem with the Nanotubes to allow air to circulate, aiding temperature regulation and ventilation, keeping you cool.

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The pillow even offers a different experience on each side. One side pairs the temperature regulating Outlast material with a layer of the finest duck down while the other side of the pillow features a premium 300 thread count jacquard cotton exterior over a layer of anti-allergy microfiber.

This smart pillow is available in a 50cm x 75cm size and is priced at £95 which is roughly $125. Pretty steep, but they do promise the best night’s sleep!

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[Available at:Simbasleep Via:Bloomberg]

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