This Elton John piano box is decked in over six thousand stunning Swarovski crystals

You cannot go wrong with combining classics! And exhibiting so is a company called Jay Strongwater that decided to merge the legend of Elton John with the beauty of Swarovski. The result? A jaw-dropping piano box like no other! The glittering object features 14k gold plating and more than six thousand delicately placed Swarovski crystals. It boasts two pieces – a piano measuring approx. 7.8″L x 6″W x 5.5″T (when shut down) and a bench measuring approx. 2.5″L x 1.25″W x 2″T.

The iconic box also features a crystal-dripping portrait of Elton John on the lid with him donning an ostrich-feather headpiece and his classic ‘70s glasses. Further, his signature in gold appears also across the keyboard. Commenting on it, Jay Strongwater notes:

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“The intricately crafted design captures the flair of Elton’s glittering headpiece and glasses. The stunning red piano pays tribute to his iconic Las Vegas residency.” The Elton John box is also accompanied by a Rolling Stones Box and a Yellow Submarine Box.

Remarking on the editions, Heather Shepardson, CEO of Rauch Brands, Jay Strongwater, added, “Our Rock Boxes celebrate the legacy of these three artists, representing the iconic and timeless nature of each. The Jay Strongwater Rock Boxes aren’t just standout adornments, but representations of the extraordinary people and stories behind them.”

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As for the Elton John Swarovski edition, it costs $15,000 and is currently available on Neiman Marcus as well as on Jay Strongwater’s website.

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