This therapeutic “dry pool” mimics the weightless sensation of floating in a warm pool!

Everyone loves the feeling of floating on the surface of a calm pool and two companies are collaborating to ensure that you can enjoy that feeling whenever you want, no pool needed! Neocogita- a brain wellness company and Starpool – a spa manufacturer have together created a bed that mimics the sensation of drifting in a pool.

The dry pool called Zerobody, is a bit like a heated waterbed and offers the benefits of immersion tanks, making you feel weightless without ever needing you to get wet. As you float, your body doesn’t need to regulate body temperature or gravitational structure so it’s free to produce endorphins. The release of endorphins can make you feel relaxed or even euphoric. You can even listen to meditation sessions by NU RELAX as you “float” to amplify that feeling of relaxation.

Designed by Cristiano Mino, Zerobody features a minimalist design which is well suited for spas and even workplaces and allows you to customize the colors that will surround you as you relax.

[Starpool via Contemporist]