Laser cut by robots, this limited edition aluminium chair by Tom Dixon looks more like a piece of modern art

Tom Dixon may have become a designer by accident but the man surely known what he is creating! A master of metal, he is back with a new creation, a chair, made of recyclable aluminium. The chair results from close collaboration between the British designer and the Norwegian energy and aluminum company Hydro. The Hydro Chair is designed for longevity, multiuse, and, most importantly, easy recycling. It is completely designed in 100% aluminum, and with few components, it is easy to take apart when it no longer has use as a chair. Tom Dixon premiered the limited-edition Hydro Chair as part of ‘24 hours in Milan’ and is limited to only 60 pieces. It is ideal for use both inside and outside. “I have always been obsessed with materials and aluminum in particular. It’s a metal I find incredibly interesting with its endless opportunities in terms of shapes and surface qualities. Being able to work with the top aluminum and material experts in the industry was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse,” says Tom Dixon, Founder and Creative Director of Tom Dixon Studio.

“The future needs circular materials, and we need to design products that live longer, can be recycled or reused. Understanding material properties and manufacturing processes will help create more sustainable products designed with recycling or reuse in mind, and that is why we believe it is important for designers and manufacturers to collaborate,” says Hilde Kallevig, Head of Brand and Marketing in Hydro.

[Available at: Tom Dixon]

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