Turbine Table is the world’s most powerful round table worth $720,000

The company behind the world’s finest luxury poker box and luxury watch box, Lancelot Lancaster White, has created the world’s most powerful round table, The Turbine Table. Developed in collaboration with Racing Gold, this table made from an aircraft grade Titanium. The core of the table is developed from a Rolls-Royce RB211 jet engine, which is equipped in a Boeing 747 airliner. The center of the table is formed of a hub and blade titanium mounted on a marble base. The blades are hand polished to acquire a high-gloss finish. The handmade silver conical tip of the turbine can be handcrafted with Ruby, illuminating when the conference call system is active, built into the table. The exclusive Turbine Table can comfortably accommodate 10 people, with an option of ten leather reclining chairs.

As there is a severe shortage of original authenticated parts, it is only possible to create two of these fabulous tables or a single large boardroom/dining table. The Turbine Table is priced at around £465,000 ($720,000) subject to final finish, and the time to complete this table is around 3-6 months, depending on customers’ specification.

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