Walls are passe’ – This Miami condo has a Pagani Zonda R race car mounted as a room divider

There are two types of car enthusiasts in this world: the first kind that love exotic cars and want them to be driven and enjoyed the way they are supposed to be, and the other kind who use them as art installations. How many times we have seen super rare cars being stowed away for years with bare minimum miles on the odometer; sometimes high up in office buildings, kept like a showpiece. However, recently a photo went viral on Instagram that shows an incredibly rare Pagani Zonda R hung up inside a house and used like a wall divider. Now let me remind you that only 15 of these cars were ever made, each powered by 740 horsepower Mercedes-Benz 6.0-liter V12 – a variant of the engine from the famous Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR race car.

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Thankfully, we have learnt that it’s not an actual Zonda R but a copy. It’s owned by Argentine race car driver Pablo Pérez Companc, who decided to use it as a wall hanging for his $8 million Miami condo. The race car driver also owns the real deal and in an Instagram post said, “I would never condemn Black Minion to being locked in a living room.” It was installed by Artefacto Home Staging and an exterior crane was used to lift it into the condo through the balcony doors. It was then put on a “custom aluminum and carbon fiber stand” that was designed to complement the car’s aerodynamics.

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