Wanderlust for grounded Instagrammers – This unique LED lamp brilliantly mimics an airplane window so you can take a holiday without leaving your home

What is life without travel? Pretty boring, as seen this past year. While it will be a while till we go back to posing on mountains and taking selfies with snowflakes we can have some fun by posing with the ‘Airplane Window LED Lamp’. A lot of people started posing next to front load washing machines to make their images seem like they are looking out of the airplane but now we have a home accessory that makes these photo-ops extremely realistic. A Korean company is bringing to you a LED lamp that makes it look like you’re in the window seat of an airplane with sunrise and sunset modes. These modes allow you to pose next to a morning sky or a stunning sunset while traveling to your favorite destination (at least in imagination). The ‘sunset’ mode shows an airplane wing against cotton-candy skies, while the ‘sunrise’ mode uses warm golden tones and fluffy clouds. The company behind this ingenious lamp, One Room Making offers 3 sizes of the lamp at different prices; the smallest one is 25×25 cm and costs$30, 35×35 cm option goes for $37, and the 45×45 cm and is priced at $54.

There are a lot of people who do miss the relaxation that a vacation brings but not the airport rush hour, the unending queues, and the fear of Coronavirus. For such people, the LED lamp brings the solace of watching the sun go down as you relax on an airplane dreaming of the vacation-of-a-lifetime while safely snuggling on your bed in the safety of your home.

[Via: Oddity Central]

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