World’s longest Hot Tub at 12 meters is designed to be a fun workout

Swimming, though fun as a workout routine, is a slow method to shedding calories. The Hot Tub BL-856, now makes that process a little quicker, without you having to change your mode of workout. This hot tub, designed by Italian company Beauty Luxury, is currently the world’s longest at 12 meters. The tub has two sections – one that has a current and swimming against the hot stream can help a person lose 400 calories per hour, while the other section is just a slow steady flow of hot water to help relax the body and muscles. The swimming zone can be used by two people simultaneously while the relaxing spa zone can sit up to 6.

worlds-longest-hot-tub-3The tub comes ready-to-use and can either be placed on the ground as it or built into. The outer stainless steel frame of the tub, that comes in 5 finishes and 18 different colors, supports the inner acrylic material. The tub also comes with additional features like an audio system and a waterfall. The tub also has chromotherapy, a kind of alternative treatment that uses colored light to replenish, heal, develop and balance a person’s energy.

worlds-longest-hot-tub-2The hot tub is priced at approx. $77,000 (€ 69,000) and seems to be a good balance between a workout and some fun.

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