World’s most expensive bed – The £4 million Baldacchino Supreme is fit for a King

If you are experiencing lazy-pangs then don’t feel guilty as it is a weekend and you’ve can utilize all the time to loll and doze on your bed. Moreover Stuart Hughes has provided one more excuse for us to dream about – The world’s most exclusive bed. Dubbed Baldacchino Supreme, it is has been designed in collaboration with Hebanon by F.lli Basile Interiors of Nocera Superiore Italy. Priced at £4 million ($6.3 million), it steals the crown of world’s most expensive bed from Parnian Furniture’s $210,000 bed. For this hefty sum, you can expect 107 kg of solid gold details and gold leaf trimmings on the lacquered, patinated canopy and around the padded headboard too. The sponge batted bed is dressed in luxurious Italian silk and cotton. The whole structure is carved and framed out of chestnut wood and ash wood, while the canopy’s edges are in cherrywood. And if all this is not promising enough, then deck up the headboard with diamonds or other gemstones and be sure to sleep in the lap of ultimate luxury.

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Exclusively handmade, it is 100% made and designed in Italy and the U.K. and will be available in a limited edition of two only.

Thanks Stuart

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