Zen on demand – Kohler’s new bathtub offers aromatherapy, color changing lights and even fog

CES is a constant reminder that the future is now! And making our present look fabulous is Kohler’s futuristic smart bathroom tech. The pandemic may soon leave us alone, but its effects and teachings are etched in our logic and practices and probably here to stay. That’s why Kohler’s latest home upgrade carries the mental malodor of the coronavirus pandemic with luxurious and touchless technology in our bathrooms. The company has prefaced several new devices headlined by the Stillness Bath, a tech-enhanced tub inspired by Japanese forest bathing that brings a Zen experience right inside your homes. Visiting a spa is a thought that has been occupying your mind for the longest time, but the presence of grey cells will prohibit that from becoming a reality till vaccines are taken. Having said that, ultimate relaxation is standing at your (bathroom) door in the form of the Stillness Bath that works via an app or voice commands. Say the word to fill up the tub, elevate your bathing experience by changing the lights’ color around the tub, or even adding some fog. The splendid and smart bathtub also offers preset routines to set your bath exactly the way you want it right from water level, temperatures, to add some fog or turn on some aromatherapy, it can all be managed with a voice command to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

Such luxuries at home don’t come cheap. To get the best model, you will have to make several changes to your existing bathroom. The $16,000 big kahuna Stillness Bath will require a redesign of your bathroom around the tub to accommodate the grate and circulation system, including a “Soak System” and “Hinoki wood mote” to catch the water overflow, which then gets recycled into your bath again. If this price makes you uneasy, there are cheaper alternatives up for grabs too; a great-less Experience version for $11,000, The Smart Soak Freestanding Bath with smarter programming features goes for $8,700, and the cheapest Soak Freestanding Bath goes for $6,200 without the fog and aromatherapy effects.

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[Via: The Verge]

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